Purchase a Green Face Rolex Gold Watch

Purchase a Green Face Rolex Gold Watch

Choosing a green face rolex gold watch is the best option to get a trendy and chic look. They are available in different styles and features to suit your requirements. You can purchase the perfect watch for your wedding, business event or just to pamper yourself, you will find a model that fits your needs.

The warranty booklet

You can find out a lot about the warranty guideline for green face Rolex gold, whether you’re a veteran collector or just a beginner. These include the price and description as well as the serial number. You can also find the bracelet reference number along with the model’s number and the dial design. The COSC chronometer certificate is an additional important document that you should be looking for. It states the movement number of your watch. This certificate is extremely helpful in the event that you have to repair or replace your watch.

The warranty booklet for Rolex green face contains many details about the bracelet’s manufacturing. You can find the reference number for the bracelet and you must also know the country code for the bracelet. This will allow you to identify the manufacturers involved in the manufacturing of the bracelet.

The caseback

Besides the green face, an additional great feature of this Rolex is the caseback. It sports an uncommon “Rail Dial”, which is extremely rare. It is found only in 5.7 to 6.2 Million serials. It has fine , thin lines that reflect light naturally. This caseback has matching patina and is in great condition. It is up for auction at EUR 10-15K euros. The caseback also features the rare bevel chamfer at the left corner. The proportions are very sharp and the lugs are original. It looks like it’s from the “white” period. It has some honest scratches on the chamfer of the bevel, but the overall proportions still look very nice.