Persona 5 Kaitou Cosplay Costume

Persona 5 Kaitou Cosplay Costume

The Persona Series’ first generation will be made available via the PSP. The game will add new characters and plots to the existing characters. The Japanese version of Persona will be released on April 29 2009.

“Persona” is the initial work of the Persona series is the name given to the first generation of Persona Professional Cosplay Costumes For Sale The first generation is the only one to have the title Goddess in the work, while the ones later on are named after Persona.

Persona 5 Kaitou Cosplay Costume Protagonist Akira Kurusu Full Set

The avatar of the player and the main character of Persona.In the spring, he traveled to Beijing for a transfer to second-grade students at the school, and stayed in a cafe run by parents and acquaintances as he began a new student life.Taking advantage of an event, he awakened Persona’s ability. While the look is appealing, once you’re a thief, everything changes.


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Details. The outfit is well designed. The costumes are sewn with care.

You must be cautious regarding the size. You can be certain that the size you select is the right one.

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Concerning the accessories.The Accessories of this Persona 5 Kaitou Cosplay Costume Protagonist Akira Kurusu Full Set consist of: Suits: Coat, Shirt Eyemask, Pants, Gloves.It is perfect.All the items are put together to give the most comfortable wearing experience. It’s cool as you can tell from the image.

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