K Project Cosplay Costume Guide

K Project cosplay costume Guide

Yashiro Isana lived an ordinary simple life. But, nothing normal has been happening after the murder of Tatara Totsuka, a prominent participant in the notorious HOMRA. The Red Clansmen from HOMRA wanted revenge and decided to murder Yashiro.

This is the origin story Avengers Cosplay Costume Since then, the direction of the destiny of Yashiro has rapidly developed in unimaginable directions.

Let’s have a look at the principal characters.

Isana Yashiro:

A kind and charming boy with a jolly personality. He’s wearing a school uniform with a red tie.

HOMRA sought him out, claiming it was suspect in Tatara Tatsuka’s murder. However, his actual identity is that of the First and Second Silver Kings, who lost his memory Devil May Cry Cosplay Costume To debunk the mystery, Kuroh Yatogami was able to assist him as well as Neko on the quest for the truth. After having rekindled memories and recollections, he decided that it was the right time to end the rule of the Colorless King. The body was used to defy Yashiro the Colorless King, and request the King to take down Yashiro.

Suoh Mioto:

He is a brunette that is a violent red hair. It leaves him completely speechless. To avoid causing strength, he often sleeps half-awake and then half asleep. The Blue King is the one who binds the action at the beginning of the story in order to limit his strength.

It is also an adversary of the Blue King Reisi Mutakata. But, he is also split by his location.

It is the king who is closest to the Wizmann threshold. The patriarchal rite kills him in the end to protect the sword from Damocles secure.

Munakata Reisi:

The Fourth King is the Blue King. He is the Head of the Special Task Force Unit Scepter 4 and also the Head of the Special Task Force Unit Scepter 4. He wears glasses and has a cool, refined demeanor. He loves puzzles in his spare time. He is concerned for Mikoto’s safety even though they’re enemies. His anger is intense at the way Mikoto seems to not care about his own well-being. He is a powerful King, and was able to defeat Kuroh with his sword however, it isn’t known what extent. He also appears to show no ill-will towards other clans or Strains and even went to the extreme in order to save Anna Kushina. Neko refers to him as the “Boss with Glasses”.

Kushina Anna:

The smallest and the only female in HOMRA Anna is a Strain who dresses in gothic lolita-style. Anna is able to sense perception using her red crystal marbles, which she makes from her own blood. She lost her parents through an accident and was introduced to Mikoto through her Aunt who was Mikoto’s teacher at the time. The mascot of HOMRA, she is emotionalally attached to Mikoto. She was a big fan of Tatara’s vocals and was his biggest fan. She can only identify the red color because she’s color blind. She becomes the next Red King following Mikoto’s passing.

Awashima Seri:

Reisi is Reisi’s second in command. She is the only female member of Scepter 4. Reisi is wearing the classic Scepter 4 costume.

Izumo Kusanagi, HOMRA’s bartender, has a relationship with her. He also gave her the nickname “Heartless Woman.” Kusanagi and Munakata were the only ones to be disgusted by her love for anko (red bean paste). Neko has awarded her the name of “Boob Woman”. Yashiro created her as a temporary clansman to allow her to speak to her in private. Seri is loyal and concerned about the safety of Munakata.


Neko is an Strain that has heterochromia eyes. She can be dressed in cute clothing.

She’s fun and playful. She also is a cat-like eater. While she may have the capability to make illusions formshifts and disappears at first, it turns out that she can also create sensory interference. She is passionate about and devotion to Yashiro and goes to extreme efforts to protect him. Yashiro is referred to as “Neko’s Shiro” by her. It was later discovered that she was also able to manipulate memories. This is the reason Yashiro was initially misled to believe that he was a regular high school student. As with Nagare, she was also a survivor of the Kagutsu incident, who gained new abilities. She was able to alter her memories, and assumed the new persona of an animal cat. In the final chapter, she was a student at Ashinaka High School.

Yata Mishi:

HOMRA’s vanguard of HOMRA. He’s very proficient using a skateboard, and uses it as an weapon. His nickname is “Yatagarasu”. He is impatient and passionate and is not a fan of being called by his feminine first name Fushimi, which Fushimi often taunts him with. He refers to Fushimi with the name “Saru,” which translates to “monkey”. He’s also quite small and has trouble speaking to girls. Fushimi and he were good friends. They joined HOMRA together. But Fushimi left them and joined Scepter 4. The two men are always fighting when they get together. Yata is very fond of HOMRA as well as Mikoto. Then, he strives to help Anna and makes peace with Fushimi.

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