How to cosplay Overwatch Hanzo with effectiveness?

How can I cosplay Overwatch Hanzo in a successful way?

Hanzo is an out-of-place hero of the game “Overwhatch”. Hanzo can use his bow and arrows to determine the presence of enemies and shoot 5 arrows at an opponent in just a couple of minutes (the old version could only shoot 6 arrows in a second). He can also climb up the wall, assault enemies from a distance or summon the Dragon Soul to attack the opponent.

As a master of archery and ninjutsu, Hanzo has been pursuing the ultimate perfect to prove that he’s the most powerful warrior Nier:Automata Cosplay

According to some, Shimada has been around for hundreds of years. After years of development, Ninja, the Shimada family has created an imperial empire, which is dominated by weapons, illegal materials, and other weapons. The Hanzo, his eldest son is expected to succeed his father and run the Shimada Empire. Hanzo was educated from a young age to take on this responsibility. He has shown exceptional leadership skills and a great aptitude for strategy and tactics and also has been trained to become a leader. Hanzo is also an archer, martial artist, and swordsmanship genius X-Men Cosplay Costume

The family elders advised Hanzo that he aid his brother, who was a strong man after the death of his father to help them control the Shimada Empire together. After being disapproved, Hanzo had to kill his brother. Hanzo was so badly hurt that he refused to inherit his father’s legacy and eventually absconded from his family and the outcomes he achieved after hard working.

Hanzo doesn’t have a place to call home. He strives to improve his skills as a fighter and hopes that one day he can get rid of the previous.

In the 3rd Overwatch CG animated short film, which was released by Blizzard, Shimada Hanzo sneaked back to the Shimada house compound. (the Hanzo came back once every year to honor Genji, his younger brother Genji who was believed to be dead by himself), but during the service, he came across an attack of a ninja wearing high-tech armor. The power of the Dragon was available only to Shimada. However, the ninja used the Dragon’s power. The Hanzo was granted the same power and the ninja discovered the mask. He informed Genji that He was his brother, and that he was sorry for Genji. In the end he asked Genji to join him in saving the world.

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