Final Dream XV Cindy Aurum Cosplay Outfit

Final Fantasy XV Cindy Aurum Cosplay Outfit

Cindy, the granddaughter of Cid in Final Dream XV, is an automobile mechanic that will certainly appear in the royal prince’s journey in the future. She is upbeat, driven, and constantly passionate regarding her work. She is enthusiastic concerning vehicles as well as interested with modern technology that stems from the Crown City, which has been isolated from the remainder of Lucis for thirty years. Despite having had a rough childhood years, she is positive and friendly to everybody Jedi Cosplay Costume For that reason, she is incredibly popular with people.

If you want to role-play as Cindy Aurum, come and attempt this outfit currently uff01 The following is an in-depth intro to this cosplay costume for your recommendation.


Top is a chopped yellow coat, brilliant yellow is especially attractive to others. Cindy wears a cropped yellow coat that exposes her belly zoomed a couple of inches under her busts. The coat is made from leather as well as is the same as Cindy in the video game. There are also 2 small pockets on the front of the coat, and there are also sides Best Star Wars Costumes If you additionally have a slim and sexy number with Cindy, then you are absolutely appropriate for this match.


Ultra shorts are made of light jeans, which secure your personal privacy while going after sex. The yellow jacket with the top is really eye-catching.


Cindy’s hallmarks are her hat and yellow job coat, both decorated with the Hammerhead logo. It’s a red cap with yellow lays out and also a logo with the words “HAMMER HEAD” and also “COMPLETE STATION”. This is a distinct sign of Cindy Aurum, which is very different from various other characters.


These are white high boots on heels, It coincides boots of Cindy, she can additionally be experienced and also experienced in the procedure of fixing. It will make everybody that uses it positive and also flaunt their prestige. So you can try to have a pair of Cindy boots, then you can play as much as you like.


Black safety glasses which she spends time her neck when not using them. Obviously this is the emphasis of several faithful players. Cindy’s safety glasses are really helpful for her, an extremely essential design.

Leg defense:

Leg defense has actually not shown up in several duty plays, it is really novel for Cindy’s cosplayer, leather thigh-high black stockings can better boost the total match of the gamer to a particular extent.

Belt as well as Waist device:

Cindy Aurum wears jeans shorts with a brownish belt freely spending time her hips. A bag is hung on the belt, which has a certain effect on the shaping of the personality. You can likewise readjust the tightness of the belt at will, suitable for people of all sizes.

There is additionally a handwear cover, if you feel it is not suitable, you can likewise personalize the size.

In other words, this set of Final Fantasy XV Cindy Aurum Cosplay Costume is great, and also is extremely suitable for all type of events, so you only require to delight in