Panerai now becomes pretty hot in the world and is also one of my favorite brand. When talking to the Panerai’s fans, I learn more of it and also have my own view about it. And today, I will briefly talk about my knowledge about classic Panerai element and what we concentrate on today is the appearance.

When we talk about the panerai replica, what I heard frequently is remarks like “are they the same” or “I don’t see much difference between their types.” But are they the same? Definitely not. Orecisely speaking, we can divide Panerai into two categories: Radiomir and Luminator. If you want to tell the difference between them, then you should look at the crown protection bridge. If there is a crown protection bridge, then it is Radiomir; otherwise, it is Luminor.

Radiomir can be divide into two classes. One is Radiomir and another is Radiomir 1940 and the rest of them are the variants that are based on their design or add other functions to it, such as chronometer. It would be easy if you want to tell the difference between then: Radiomir give us a nostalgia sense and has an onion-shaped crown that gives us an nostalgia sense. What’s more, the lugs can be replaced too; As to the Radiomir 1940, the lug closely touch the crown.

Besides, we can divide Luminor into Luminor and Luminor 1950. There are less difference between them. One minor difference is the protection bridge. If you can see words on the protection bridge, then it must be Luminor 1950; otherwise, it is Luminor. Luminor series are most popular among other series and they are also classic. Black dial adopted its special sandwiches structure which make sure that people who wear it can read time clearly. What’s more, it is fitted with a cow leather bracelet which corresponds to the type of 1930th.


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