FORMULA 1 Lady series automatic wrist watch black color 37mm

The TAG Heuer, founded in 1860, is the Swiss “Avant-garde” watchmaker. “Avant-garde” has been deeply fused into our culture and philosophy. Our unique history Inheritance is on the basis of breaking through the boundaries and breaking the routine, with strong perseverance, have overcome the technical constraints, created a bold wrist watch with truly competitive spirit and excellent performance. The Tag Heuer brand achieves excellence in watchmaking history, especially the mechanical precision in the field of luxury timing clock.

Considering the two factors of comprehensive listed speed and completely environment change, the 2015 Tag Heuer watches can show the new vitality. TAG Heuer is one of the few watches brand in the world that have the ability to involve e four different areas, respectively are: “art and music”, “fashionable life”, “the spirit of sports” and “classical heritage”. Our brand ambassador and partners, including the McLaren F1, tennis star Maria Sharapova, football legend Cristiano Ronaldo, charming woman Cara Delevingne, electronic music godfather David Guetta, NBA China superstar Jeremy Lin and Asian popular singing diva GEM… Commonly show our core value concept: strong spirit, breaking the routine, and ambition. Brand slogan “Don’t Crack Under Pressure” is not only a slogan, but a psychology.

FORMULA 1 Lady series automatic wrist watch black color 37mm

The Bright 37 mm dial white wrist watch is suitable most ladies who are lively and bold. Sapphire crystal dial under the sun reflects lover smile, and the calendar window located at 6 o ‘clock position count the past together day and night, records a good time. It is the black watch with the perfect combination of Stainless steel and ceramic. It is just like a unique girl, who is elegant and charming but quiet and pure, and is chased by many people, including the super Chinese star Li Yifeng also falling love with it.

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