Breitling Pilots Won Red Bull Air Race World Championship

The fast mechanical movement competition—Red Bull Air Race World Championship was held in 2014 in Austria. Finally, the Nigel Lamb, from Breitling top pilot from England, win 62 scores, which is the first championship in his career.

Red Bull Air Race World Championship is the pure aviation competition performing by the top pilots in the world, combining speed, precision, braveness and stunning flying skills. It is the fastest mechanical movements. From the UAM to Austria, Red Bull Air Race World Championship had 8 bouts competitions. Nigel Lamb did not had a good performance at the beginning, but in the follow-ups, he had a stable performance and win the second prize, which elevate his ranks and won championship with 9 scores. Over 35,000 audience witnessed this thrilling race.

As a pilot who has 30 years’ experience and could navigates 80 types of planes, Nigel Lamb is the keeper of record, and was called the best pilot in Britain. After awarded, he said that this is great and is out of his expectation. Before the race he felt nervous and the weather does no favor to the competition, but he finally won it. He said he really wants to give his thanks to his family, especially to Max, his son who did the data collecting. It is hard to instruct an elder to do a difficult job, but it seems that he found his way to do it and make slight adjustment without changing the original plan that led to the success.

9 out of 12 pilots had been awarded, which reflects what a severe competition it is. Next year there will be 14 pilots participating in the competition that makes this race more challengeable and wonderful. “I am glad to have a good team, and a high-performance plane. Team work is critical to the final success, and I hope to keep it going on”, said Nigel Lamb.

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